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>   Two different method of misting - ultrasonic cold mist and ceramic heater warm mist
>   Enable free setting of air humidity to comfortable level
>   Micro-computer automatically monitor air humidity and operate accordingly
>   LED digital indicator shows real time humidity and operating condition
>   Enable selection of different operating mode
>   Continuous misting up to 8 hours by timer setting
>   Large ion exchange filter improves water quality by reducing the formation of white powder
>   Double mist blower designed with 360 degree rotation, provide free setting of mist direction

>  Model:AH-U350A
>   Rated Voltage:AC100-120V/50-60Hz,AC220-240V/50Hz
>   Power Consumption:50-135W
>   Volume of water:4500ml
>   Misting Level:About≤350ml/h
>   Dimensions:250×276×353(mm)
>   Sound Level (Db):Low 18 /Med 25 /High 32
>   Weight:3500g
>   Applicable Area:20-35m2

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