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Service aim: customer satisfaction 100 service standards: do enough 100 purpose of service: the customer is always first according to this idea, Lifinair products began to introduce service concept from the design, each Lifinair product sales is just the beginning for customer service. Lifinair has been the traditional customer service service to improve customer service, extending service connotation to the first series of link of product design, production, marketing and customer service in service. Lifinair adhere to the user as the center, strengthen the service work, the full implementation of the "customer satisfaction", for every American customers seriously to take 100 points!



Self help or call the customer service phone Lifinair website
In Lifinair website or call the service hotline of self repair, the product fault your installation, consultation.


Consulting and Solutions
Lifinair service center customer service representative will be able to provide you with professional advice and solutions.


Principle and operation
Engineer to provide quality services at the same time, will be to you to explain in detail the work principle and the operation process of the product.


Guide to use
The engineer will take the initiative to you on the use of the product knowledge, guidance.


Your service information feedback to the Lifinair service center.


Return service center will make tracking, to ensure your satisfaction

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